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Charges - 2020/2021 Season

All prices are per metre unless stated otherwise. Length overall of the boat (LOA) includes pushpits, bowsprits, anchors, davits, pulpits, boarding ladders, sterndrives, tenders, and any other attachments extending fore or aft of the vessel.

Valid from 1st April 2020

ANNUAL BERTHING Single payment rate 4 quarterly instalments 10 instalments rate all pricing includes VAT @ 20%
<7m £212 £224 £228 Including storage ashore. Excluding boat lifting, washing, cradles/motorboat stands etc.
7.1 to 8m £339 £358 £365
8.1 to 10m £341 £360 £367
10.1 to 12m £343 £362 £369
12.1 to 15m £345 £364 £371 Excludes storage ashore
15.1m+ £347 £367 £374
SIX MONTH (April - Sept) £302.45 Payable in advance
PER MONTH (April - Sept) £55.35 Payable in advance, extended periods over 1 month charged at pro-rata rate
PER MONTH (Oct - Mar) £19.50
WEEKLY (April - Sept) £15.90      
VISITOR BERTHING £2.65 Including power & water  
SUPERYACHTS & COMMERCIAL +30m Price on Application
PER MONTH (April - Sept) £16.90     Payable in advance, extended periods over 1 month charged at pro-rata rate.
PER MONTH (October - March) £20.00    
PER MONTH (April - Sept) £22.00     Storage only, excludes additional vessel movements, payable in advance.
PER MONTH (October - March) £26.50    
7.1 to 8m (min. 7m) £20.00     Includes: drive from berth, lift out pressure wash and set down in cradle/motorboat stands or transport. Excludes towing operations.
8.1m - 10m £21.10    
10.1m - 12m £23.00    
7.1 to 8m (min. 7m) £17.00     Includes: lift in and drive to berth. Excludes towing operations.
8.1m - 10m £19.50    
10.1m - 12m £20.50    
7.1 to 8m (min. 7m)  £20.00     Includes: lift out, hold in slings, pressure wash & relaunch
8.1m - 10m  £21.10    
10.1m - 12m  £23.00    
LABOUR Per hour   £42.00 Minimum hire 1 hour
CRANE HIRE Per hour   £155.50 Inc. Crane Operator & Banksman (minimum hire 1 hr) - max 11t
SINGLE POINT VESSEL LIFT Each way   £80.00 Dayboats and ribs only
FORK LIFT HIRE Per half hour   £59.00 Inc. Operator (minimum hire 1/2 hr) - max 6t
MAST STEP OR UNSTEP Single spreader   £68.15 Single spreader and deck stepped
MAST STEP OR UNSTEP Twin spreader   £120.85 Twin spreader and or keel stepped
MAST STORAGE  Per month   £15.00 Spreaders to be removed
CRADLE HIRE Per month   £30.00 Includes cradle, shoring, blocks and strapping
MOTORBOAT STAND/PROP HIRE Per month   £25.00 Includes motorboat stands, keel blocks and strapping
OWNERS CRADLE/TRAILER STORAGE Per month   £16.50 Trailer /cradle to be clearly labelled with vessel name
MARINA WORKBOAT Per tow   £52.00 Towing by workboat (inside marina only)
Terms of business are per published and available in our offices, website or by request.
All berth holders are required to conform to the Marina Licence and Rules when keeping a boat in James Watt Dock Marina copies of which are available from the Marina Office. Acceptance of a berth within the marina confirms acceptance of these terms.



pdfDownload Berthing 2020/21 Price List - Valid from 1st April 2020


pdfDownload Berthing 2019/20 Price List