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Sample chart
Click here to download our sample chart - not for navigational use

JWD Marina Plan
To assist in locating your berth at the marina please use this marina plan

Clydeport Leisure Guide
All boats navigating the Clyde are advised to consult the 'Clyde Leisure Navigation Guide – 3rd Edition'

Clydeport Notice to Mariners
For Notices to Mariners (NTM) on changes or hazards to navigation on the Clyde.


By Sea

James Watt Dock is entered from the main Clyde channel with the large blue Titan crane and Sugar Warehouse visible from the Clydeport Container Terminal. From the Tail of the Bank buoy off Greenock, follow the channel unti l the yellow cardinal marking the north side of the entrance to the dock is seen south of Buoy No 16 (5th Port marker aft er the Tail of the Bank). There is ample depth in the main channel, and yachts will normally be safe out of the channel to the north except between the Tail of the Bank and Buoy No 4, where the depth is less than 2m. Skippers are advised to refer to Admiralty Chart 1994 for detailed navigati on information.

Enter the marina keeping the yellow cardinal marker to your port side (approximate location 55N 56’ 46.39” -4W 44’ 9.01”); there is a drying bank between the yellow cardinal and the main shipping channel. As you enter the dock you will see the marina in front of you. Vessels to be berthed in North Basin should proceed to the port side of the central quay whilst vessels to be berthed in South Basin should proceed to the starboard side of the central quay. The marina plan may assist in locating your allocated berth on arrival at James Watt Dock.

General Notes for Local Navigation

The main Clyde channels are regularly used by commercial shipping. When approaching or leaving James Watt Dock there is no requirement to contact Clydeport Operations (VHF Ch12) however, please observe the ‘Rules of the Road’ (IRPCS) when manoeuvring your vessel in the channel. Information pertaining to ship movements and general navigational information can be found at or by contacting Operations on +44 (0) 1475 726 171.

The regular ‘Notice to Mariners’ (NTMs) as issued by Clydeport Operations advising of changes or hazards to navigation are available from but are displayed at the marina office.

All boats navigating the Clyde are advised to consult the ‘Clyde Leisure Navigation Guide – 3rd Edition’. This guide provides information relevant to navigating the Clyde Estuary and upper reaches of the river including general safety tips, information on navigating in the proximity of Royal Navy Warships as well as Queens Harbour Regulations.

Approaches in detail

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